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Patient Support

Patient Support and resources at Orange Regional Medical Center

The GAP affiliated to HoughtonHouse  Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers fights Addiction in all its forms and is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our patients. Whether Inhouse or outpatient  or looking for additional substance abuse remedies and resources, you can count on The GAP to help you – it all starts here.


Friends and Family Visiting Patients
The GAP Center knows the importance of family and friends to a patient during their recovery. Along with keeping family members educated about a patient’s condition, our staff believes in making it easy for loved ones to support a patient through calls and visits. We ask that no more than two people at a time visit each patient, and that you are considerate of the needs of other patients who may share the rooms. Please note cellular phone policies are posted throughout our units. Visitors may not smoke in patient rooms.

Visitors are asked to adhere to visiting hours and must register to visit.

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